Thursday 27 November 2014

Updated price list

DJ School Association Price list

Under 19’s Membership fees

Membership fees—per  12 week term                                                                           £90.00
Admin Fee                                                                                                                     £30.00

Membership fee includes access  to arts  courses and training, advice, mentoring and  arts guidance . Price also includes use of rehearsal rooms (times need to be booked) and full use of it suite.

Over 19’s membership fees
Membership  fees-per 10 week period                                                                        £200.00
Admin fee                                                                                                                    £30.00

Non course based member ship annual subscription of ----------------------------- £25.00

You will receive all newsletters, New  products created by the center, invited to functions. Annual member ship holders will receive a membership pack. 

Membership fee includes courses expert training , advice, mentoring and arts guidance . 
 Price also includes use of rehearsal rooms (times need to be booked) and full use of it suite.

Please note discounted and extra  rates apply to individuals on benefit or in long term unemployment due to health and social care needs.

A bespoke services for School's  and Group bookings available    

Rooms hired on individual basis
Studio hire                                                                                             £35.00 per hr
Room Hire for Meetings/training / rehearsal  per 3 hrs-                        £65.00
It suite hire                                                                                             £96.70
All subject to a hire agreement being drawn up.