Monday 24 November 2014

November ISA update

November Update

Its been a great term for students on The ISA ProjectWith 24 young people aged between 16 and 25 engaging in Arts activities to improve their quality of life socially and creatively. 
Individuals suffering from a variety of health and social issues to develop and create for individual artistic products to help them in to education,volunteering and employment and  to art as a tool to to improve their quality of life. Our Vast range of skill give individuals the knowledge, support and guidance to help achieve their personal life goals. Products developed this term have included, poetry books, Music CD's, Art exhibitions, art catalogs and website development. 

Current projects
· Melody Makers- percussion and play workshops for 4-8 years Saturday’s -11 till 2pm. Teas coffees and snacks
· Adult music drop-in- Multi- arts and music for unemployed , disabled adults and carers-Tuesday / Wednesday 11am till 2pm.#
· ISA- for all people who will benefit from confidence, life planning and development skills intervention –time-throughout the week via private sessions. “A personal investment in your future”#
· DJ Lessons- all levels –by arrangement. #
· Poetry group- bring along poems to our friendly impersonal group with professional help-Wednesday’s 1.30 Till 3pm
· Nocn in music and arts -all levels –ages 16 +apply for details.#
# charges apply
DJ School Newsletter: Charity Number 1126800