Wednesday 6 August 2014

Kids Karnival Brampton Park

The Kids Karnival event at Brampton Park was a great and massive success. With over 2 thousand children and their families enjoying a fun filled day in the sun and we have had over whelming positive feedback in testimony after testimony. Kids had the chance to take part in circus skills, messy play, arts and craft, clay and ceramics, sporting and physical activities, competitions and the very popular Limbo activities. Children could dance, have their faces painted ride the Stanworths fun fair and much more from bubble mania to tight rope walking all hosted by the amazing Gary Oliver. We are aware that there have been some ongoing issues with Cheeky Monkey's café and play area and that some local people have personal issues and problem with individuals at the café and play area. However, this is nothing to do with the Kids Karnival events, its volunteer, organisers or any of the contributors. This is an issue with the permanent cafe at the Brampton and should be taken up with the management of the Cheeky Monkeys café and play area. As far as we are concern as organisers of the event we do not have a problem with any aspect of Cheeky Monkey café and play area. 

 If we can help in any way please or if you have any issues, suggestions, questions please call us on 01782205675 or email