Thursday, 6 February 2014

Whats Happening

DJ School Newsletter:   Charity Number 1126800

2nd January 2013


We had a successful year in 2013 working with over 3,000 people through interactive arts intervention in direct workshops, events in the Staffordshire area. We have a new fully committed board of trustees who are pushing on into 2014 with great gusto to bring interactive social arts to people from all walks of life who will benefit from the intervention.

As you can see we have a comprehensive project package taking us into the New Year alongside our Event Kids Karnival which will be on 27th July 2014 at Etruria Park this year with an emphasis on themes surrounding happiness, healthiness and staying safe, Kids karnival will feature alongside other events planned in the city over the next 12 months.  

At the start outreach project

The DJ school Association are looking to work with schools, youth groups, community group’s mental health facilities and higher education facilities.

The At the Start project bridges and fosters themes of positive thing, health lives and safety and community cohesion and intervention based social arts to develop and nurture new skills and to encourage a positive outlook on lives moving forward. Partners will be at the forefront for targeted planning for their cohort. Anyone interested in becoming a partner on this exciting new project please contact Sarah at


Saturday 22nd February 2014 11.30am till 3pm celebrating 7 years at the Urban arts centre with an eclectic mix arts and performances. New learners will be able to enrol on new programmes on the day.

Current projects

·       Melody Makers- percussion and play workshops for 4-8 years Saturday’s -11 till 2pm. Teas coffees and snacks

·       Adult music drop-in- Multi- arts and music for unemployed , disabled adults and carers-Tuesday / Wednesday 11am till 2pm.#

·       ISA- for all people who will benefit from confidence, life planning and development skills intervention –time-throughout the week via private sessions. “A personal investment in  your future”#

·       DJ Lessons- all levels –by arrangement. #

·       Poetry group- bring along poems to our friendly impersonal group with professional help-Wednesday’s 1.30 Till 3pm

·       Nocn in music and arts -all levels –ages 16 +apply for details.#

# charges apply