Monday 12 October 2009

Employment & Arts Training Programme (EAT)

It's not too late to enroll for our Autumn term programme of adult learning! It may be the middle of October already but there's still 6 weeks left and if you want to join us, you're welcome to.

Whatever your talent or interest, if you're into rapping, DJing, MCing, singing, music, dance, art, drama, script writing, story writing or any creative or performing art, we can help you develop your talent and help you with the skills to start making a living form your talent.

We have a qualified team, including a performing arts tutor who has been a successful working artist in his own right for nearly 20 years, with many more years experience in the business and a fully qualified basic skills tutor who is a working freelance artist and can help you organise and market your potential business.

Sessions cost just £3 per person and everyone is welcome to apply. There are no prerequisites for our courses except a little bit of talent and a lot of enthusiasm. We can even arrange times to suit you, whether you want to have private sessions or group workshops.

Contact Sarah on 01782 205675 for enrollment details and more information.