Monday 24 August 2009

b seen b safe ;D

Dis video woz produced by 6 gurlz, 5 ov da gurlz r part of Project House oo r stacey, chelsea, jessica, shannon n kelsey; n da ova gurl iz lydia.

We wrote dis sng b r selves, then sng it, then created the video nd then we put it all 2gether.

We did diz as part ov a project, durin da 6 weekz to get us off da streets, nd this az gave uz sumot do, nd it bin ded gud, the project woz funded by PASS.

We worked 2gether az a team, and produced a music video.

We r nw wrkin on doin a presentaion for PASS, youth workers, family, Aspire Housing, Ramsey road comittee, Dj school, da local Police etc. to explain wahh we av bin doin, buhh da presentation will b bwt september sum tym.

Also we will b puttin sum info in da sentinel, to tell people oo dnt cum frm our local area wahh we av bin doin.